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Well Known Caller Dies23/01/15

Harold Moore Passes Away

Well known Seaway Valley Square Dance Caller, Harold Moore, passed away on January 6, 2023.

Harold is survived by his wife, Marion Moore and his sons Stuart, Ronnie and Danny. A celebration of Harold’s life will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion in Morrisburg on Jan 21 at 1:00 PM. There will be a reception following the service.

Here's some information about Harold’s square dance history and Harold’s obitiuary.

Sympathy cards or notes may be sent to Marion, Moore, 13396 Country Road 18, RR#2, Williamsburg, ON. K0C 2H0

SVSRDA Dissolves22/11/20

Seaway Valley Association -- No Longer

Seaway Valley Square & Round Dance Association had their meeting on October 23, 2022 and it was decided by the member clubs to dissolve the Association. The members, who all have positions in their own clubs, were not willing to step into the executive positions which were needed to keep the Association going.

Special thanks to our executives, who, for the last six years, supported our two dances every year. Thanks to the following people for their support:-

  • Lee Warriner as vice President
  • Jeannie & Russ as our secretary who did an amazing job.
  • Bill Shield, our treasurer, who wanted to continue as treasurer,
  • Co-ordinators Carolyn Greenhough, Deryl Neron, Sandy & Allen Brown and Shirley & Colin Brown for their help during our two dances, Christmas & Mother's Day for the past six years.
  • Helgi & Sharon Goodman, as Editor, (Helgi passed away on October 31, 2022) were SVSRDA greatest supporter, they worked very hard on the 35th Anniversary calendar, gathering the history of the Association, and he completed all the graduation certificates for all our new graduates, the flyers for our Christmas and Mothers' Day Dance as well as the dangles. They both worked hard on every calendar in the last five years.
  • Pearl King for helping Helgi with the names of the past presidents and history of the Association
  • Helen McCallum for helping us find the banner, we searched with determination to have the banner for the 35th Anniversary
  • Wendy VanderMeulin as our Caller Rep
  • Ario Speer for helping us with our virtual meetings, Lamar Mason also helped with our last virtual meeting.

It is with great sadness that the Association dissolved, a lot of work but not enough support.

Gerald & Marlene Casselman, President of SVSRDA

Callerlab Award to Geoff Clarke22/10/06

Celebrating Geoff Clarke calling for 25 Years

At the October meeting of the OACA (Ottawa Area Callers Association), Wendy VanderMeulen presented Geoff Clarke with a certificate, on behalf of CALLERLAB, to recognize Geoff's 25 years of calling. Both Wendy and Geoff are members of CALLERLAB.

CALLERLAB is an international organization of square dance callers. Their mission is “to foster the art of square dance calling, and improve caller skills”. CALLERLAB provides guidance and education, certifyies caller coaches, maintains standardized lists of calls and definitions, and generally promotes the square dance activity.

Riverside Gypsy Squares have a New Home20/11/24

Gypsy Squares now call Lower Beverly Lake Campgrounds their Home

The Riverside Gypsy Squares club started in 1994 at the Happy Green Acres Campground near Mallorytown, Ont. They have been meeting there every summer for camping and square dancing since that time. However the campground has had new owners with different priorities that made it increasingly difficult for the club to remain there.

So over the summer the executive and several other campers investigated other campgrounds and found that the Lower Beverly Lake campground in Delta, Ont provided a great place to stay and had good facilities for dancing.

The club's AGM was held there this past September so that all members could see or camp at the facilities and vote on whether this would be their new home. It was an open air meeting, socially distanced, and of course with no dancing. At the meeting, the motion to adopt the new site passed easily -- so the Lower Beverly Lake campground will now be the new home for the Gyspy Squares for upcoming seasons.

ZOOM meeting for EOSARDA Council of Dancers and AGM20/10/20

First ever Zoom Council of Dancers meeting

On Sunday, October 18, EOSARDA held their first ever on-line Council of Dancers meeting combined with a much delayed Annual General Meeting.

The meeting went reasonably well with only two people experiencing slight problems with their microphones. Sadly the need for a long-distance telephone call caused one potential attendee not to participate.

Attendance hit an all time high with all member clubs but two being represented. Total attendance was approximately 42 people, with 18 EOSARDA Member Clubs and 2 associations participated in the meeting.

A new Board was elected to guide the Association through Dance Year 2020/21.

The Council also passed a motion strongly encouraging all Member Clubs to fully comply with all health related directives from the provincial and local health authorities.

Russell Club Closes20/08/31

The Russell Stone Bridge Squares have closed

MacDougall Park Stone Bridge in Russell
for which the club was named

Last year the Stone Bridge Squares in Russell were hoping that someone would be able to take over managing the club. That didn't happen and so the future was in doubt for a while.

Now, with no end in sight from this pandemic and the fact that they might not have access to the school for the duration of the dance season, the club has decided to close permanently.

The remaining club funds were donated to the Russell Lions Club -- a fitting donation since was it was some members from the Lions who initially started the Square Dance club for the community.

A big thank you to Shirley and Dean Benson for their dedication and hard work over the past 7 years to ensure many people could participate in this fun activity.

Dave's Quiz20/08/22

Didn't Complete all the Quizzes?

Dave Hutchinson and Mary started sending out square dance quizzes back in March to keep us busy during the early days of COVID-19. If you were like me, you started doing some of the quizzes and then may have slacked off a bit, hoping to get back to them later.

Good News! The quizzes are NOT lost; you still have a chance to finish them. They've been captured from the bulletins and now reside on the eoDance website where you and future dancers can see them forever.

Even simpler. All the quizzes have been made interactive: you can read a question, select your answer and check if you are correct -- all on the same page. And they also provide reminders of the names of moves at each level to make it easier.

The quizzes are linked from the "Dancers" page. Click here.

Frosty Fling with many Purple Hearts 20/02/04

Frosty Fling enjoyed by all

Frosty Fling 2020 was attended by 125 regular dancers and 24 New Basic dancers who joined us from 15 clubs including those as far away as Quinte, Kingston, Napanee and Pembroke. John Charman and Dave Hutchinson joined to provide a lively afternoon of Basic and Mainstream tips with some Easy Rounds in between.

A highlight of the dance was 8 of our Leaders joining to form squares which allowed dancers to earn their Purple Hearts including many of our newest Basic Dancers. Their hijinks during the tips made for a lot of good fun being had by all who participated. In all 45 Purple Hearts were earned.

Bob and Marguerite Summers received their well deserved Trillium Merit Award at the dance and the sad passing of Paul Adams was commemorated with a beautiful presentation of the events in his life that many had shared with him.

"The dance floor has gone dark"20/02/17

Paul Adams

We are devastated to announce the sudden and unexpected passing of beloved husband, father and caller extraordinaire, Paul Adams. Paul & Judy have dedicated their lives to the Square Dance Movement for 45 years and Paul's passing leaves a huge hole in the dance hall. Paul brought joy to so many lives on and off the dance floor. .

When writing his blog, Paul always signed off with "See you on the dance floor". Sadly, tonight, the dance floor has gone dark.

Paul's Biography

Square Dancing in Schools18/03/03

Square Dancing in Schools

For a long time now, callers have been involved with local schools and showing students how much fun square dancing is -- of course, edging out English, History and Geography might not be that hard a sell and spending time in the gym easily beats out sitting in a class behind a desk most times.

Check out the schools and programs that we know about.  Some have been doing it for 30 or more years and are still going strong.




Keep Flyer Sizes Small20/08/19

Be aware of the size of your flyer

Here is some information for anyone creating a PDF or JPG file or flyer that is going to be posted on any website. When it comes to eoDance.ca, this will typically be a flyer for an event for your club that you may wish to have posted on the web calendar on the eoDance website or that you want sent out as an EOSARDA Bulletin.

The sizes of some files submitted are very much larger than they need to be. This
- takes up space on our servers,
- makes the flyer slow to open, and
- will use/cost more bandwidth for those using a mobile device.

You need to be aware of the size of the files that you are asking people to post. There are many Free On-Line tools available that will easily compress and reduce the size of your file before you submit it and make it 3 to 5 times smaller.

Check out the eoDance Submit an Event page for more information on identifying the size of your file and for some links to a few on-line sites that can reduce your file size easily.

Social Networking17/06/06

Social Networking

Square Dancing is Fun