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Archived Highlights

Harold Moore's Last Calling Session

Harold Moore's Last Calling Fri-Sat 23-24 August

Harold was a Charter Member of the Riverside Gypsy Squares when it first started in 1994, he's called for each of the Gypsy's 25 years since and he's the last Gyspy Caller to call just before the Gypsy's 25th Anniversary next month.

Harold has been a regular fixture in the Ottawa and Seaway Valley area since 1986 and his club, the Seaway Squares, saw almost 30 years of dancing. On August 23 and 24, Harold will be calling his last dance at the Riverside Gypsy Squares ... a good reason to come out and say a fond farewell as Harold hangs up his microphone and put his records away.

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Meanwhile, ... Down at the Market

60 Dancers prove a point

The point is, Yes, Dancing is FUN.

A great time was had in the Byward Market at the August 11th promotional event to raise the visibility of square, round and line dancing in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. It was a huge success ...so many dancers and lots of participation and interest from the public.

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Swing into Spring 2019 -- "an event to be remembered"!

An event to be remembered!

Swing into Spring 2019 will definitely be "an event to be remembered"! When things can go wrong, they usually do in 3's, we've been told. Well, that held true for this year's event.

Two weeks before the start of the event, we got word that the school would NOT be able to provide our Saturday lunch as has been the practice in all past Swing into Springs.

Five hours before the start of the event, we get a phone call that our 2 contracted callers were being detained at the border and "it was not looking good" that they would make it to our event. They would let us know... We eventually did find out that they had been sent home .

Sunday morning, a group shows up at the school, sets up a "workshop" outside the gym door, and starts working at creating a stage set for the school drama club - on the stage, in the gym we were using!!! But WE had the stage booked for our use!

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Successful Frosty Fling 2019

Frosty Fling Exceeds Expectations

Somehow "Scattered Flurries" became a heavy "dump" of snow on Saturday that had some organizers and dancers wondering if the dance should be cancelled. It was a very bad day for driving as evidenced by seeing some cars in the ditch on the way into Ottawa.

But after it was all over, and the dust (er, snow) settled we got this from the president: "Holy snappin'! We made more money on a "free" dance than we did on Harvest Hop !"

But it wasn't about the money ... it was about the ATTENDANCE! We were elated to see that 34 new dancers attended the dance — and this was in spite of the bad weather. By all accounts, the dance was totally enjoyed by all of them.

Although the new dancers got in for free, 80 dancers paid to attend. We had many Plus, Advance and even Challenge dancers show up to help at the tables, dance and be angels. Thank you so much for your support of our new dancers.

Despite the weather we had GREAT representation from out of town locations such as Pembroke, Cornwall, Prescott, Kemptville, Carleton Place and other remote areas. Pembroke, with perhaps the longest travel distance, showed up with 18 dancers and Cornwall, with 7.

Dance with us

Open House information -- September

Tired of the Same Old, Same Old? Need a Break? Something to do with a friend? Meet new friends?

Join Us. There are over 20 clubs offering Open House nights in September so that you can see what Square, Round and Line Dancing is all about.  You can dance all over Eastern Ontario and neighbouring areas ... from Kingston to Prescott, Carleton Place to Pembroke, Ottawa to Cornwall and many cities and towns between.

Click the Open House Info button below for a list of clubs who are welcoming new dancers.

Open House Info

Also check out these links:

Seaway Valley website is now eoDance

Seaway Valley website now part of eoDance

SVSRDA (Seaway Valley Square and Round Dance Association) has adopted eoDance.ca as their official website as a replacement for their previous site.

EOSARDA (Eastern Ontario Square and Round Dance Association) adopted eoDance.ca several years ago in a similar fashion when it was looking to replace its former website.

Now there's only one site needed with information on Clubs, Callers, Cuers and Events. This will make the information easier to find and keep updated. Information that is specific to EOSARDA or SVSRDA can be found under the “Associations” menu while the rest of the common information is linked under the main menus in eoDance as it always has been.

Another successful Swing into Spring

Swing into Spring 2018

Another successful Swing into Spring is in the books. Thanks to Gary and Jerry for super calling, and Roy & Janet for super cueing! Everyone who was there had a wonderful time! And thank you to everyone who did attend - whether for all of it or part of it, your attendance and support were greatly appreciated. The Organizing Committee, EOSARDA, and SVSRDA thank you all.

Bob Cathcart

Bob Cathcart

Bob Cathcart, long time caller of the Capital Steppers, passed away Wednesday from cancer. Bob was a master choreographer who entertained his dancers with smooth dancing.

If you were lucky enough to ever dance in one of the clubs he called for, you would see that Bob made a point of meeting and greeting every dancer during the evening.

Bob retired from calling in 2012 and caller Paul Adams wrote a wonderful tribute to Bob on the occasion of our Ottawa Area Callers Association retirement dinner & presentation for Bob. Here’s a link to that article

It was Bob's wishes not to have a service. Condolences may be sent to:

Gayle Alberelli
1509 Claymore Ave
Ottawa, ON, K2C 1T2

Swinging Swallows Celebrates 30 Years

Swinging Swallows Celebrates 30 Years

The Swinging Swallows in Pembroke are celebrating their 30th Anniversary.  Former EOSARDA callers Mel Wilkerson and Andy Himburg-Larsen have called at the club for many years.  The 30th celebration takes place on September 30, 2:30 - 7:30 with a pot-luck supper mid-way through the event. It's open to all.  Dancing will be Basics/MS/Plus with Francois Desmarais, their Club Caller keeping them busy. Please let Gloria Bateman (bateman.gloria@gmail.com) know if you will be attending.

Young Dancer Intitiative

Help us find a way to encourage youth to dance

Tell us your ideas on how to get young people involved in Square Dancing:
• How do we get them interested?
• Where do we find them?

Perhaps this will mean starting up a Youth Club in your area.  Please use your local contacts to see if there would be any interest.

EOSARDA has proposed a framework to encourage young dancers to get involved. 
- A PDF version of the recent Power Point presentation on the Young Dancer Initiative is linked here. 
- As well, we captured the President's Message from the December issue of Square Time for inclusion here.

For more information on EOSARDA's initiative to teach teens modern square dancing or to have a presentation to your club...

Dave Western
Phone: 613-838-5428
Email: dlwestern@yahoo.com


Get Out and Visit!

Let's start our new dancers on the road to visiting

Visiting other clubs is a fun way to enjoy dancing.  Many of our Basic-level clubs are encouraging such visits by making them Free to new first-year dancers ... and angels get in for 1/2 price.  More people equals more fun.  More dancing equals stronger dancers.  Encourage new dancers to get active by visiting other clubs.

Check out our Visit page for more information.

Local Caller Hanging up the Microphone

Keith Watters retires after 56 years

Keith and Rita Watters have been calling to Ottawa dancers for the past 56 years.

In recent times, Keith has been calling for the Spinning Spurs (Mainstream), Spinettes (Basic) and Sunshine Squares (Plus).   In 1977, these 3 clubs were merged into a tri-level club under the supervision of Sunshine Squares.

Click the link here to read more about Keith & Rita's 56 years of calling.

EOSARDA is Sixty

2015 is EOSARDA's 60th Anniversary

2015 marks the 60th year for EOSARDA.  The organization has gone through a lot of changes over the years. To check out the list of past presidents and the different names that EOSARDA has had over the years.  ... click here..

Must have had a "senior moment" when we previously quoted 65 instead of 60 :-)

Don Cowan Sadly Missed

Don Cowan succumbs to cancer

After a couple weeks of difficult breathing, Don Cowan died at home Tuesday 30 September, 2014..

Don opened his eyes the previous Saturday afternoon, when his family was around his bed, and he whispered “who called this meeting?” – that was the last time he opened his eyes.  If you knew Don, you'll remember this is his great sense of humour.

Having worked at Nortel, he was a master of electronics, willing and able to fix any caller or cuer turntable or amplfier for only the cost of parts.  He was kind and loving to his family and dedicated to the round dance world. He would give his shirt off his back to anyone in need.

Rest in peace, Don




Festival 2014 -- A Great Success

We did it!

Festival 2014 is over.  After 4 years of hard work and planning, over 1000 dancers enjoyed a great party with 4 days of dancing.  Congratulations to Wendy and all the committee members and volunteers that helped to pull off this great event.

Thank you to all the callers, cuers and other leaders for sharing their expertise to make this possible. This is even more appreciated knowing that leaders register like any other dancer, give up their dance time to call or cue, and receive no remuneration.

And the final registration count for Basic-level dancers was --- are you ready for it, -- 64!  According to the callers, the Basic hall was the liveliest and most fun of all the rooms to be in.  Congratulations to all the Basic dancers for taking such a leap of faith to attend your first convention after only one year of dancing.

Check out David Owen's collage of pictures of dancers on Parliament Hill.

Here`s CTV news video of dancers having fun on the Hill


A new look for EOSARDA

EOSARDA has a New Website

This is EOSARDA's new website. While new to EOSARDA (and to many dancers), this website has been in existence since January 2013 when it was first made available to clubs and dancers in eastern Ontario as eoDance.ca.

This site was originally developed in the fall of 2012 as a possible face-lift for the venerable eosarda.ca site. Since then the website has evolved considerably, adding new features and information to address the needs of all clubs and dancers in the area.

All existing domain names now point to the same site so you can use eosarda.ca or eoDance.ca to get to this website.

We hope you enjoy your new site.

A Trio of Trillum Awards

EOSARDA members win Trillium Awards

Local dancers have won two Merit Awards and one Long Service Award this year. The Ontario Federation has approved 3 submissions proposed by EOSARDA.

Bruce & Linda Warner received a Merit Award for their contribution to Square and Round dancing at the 2013 Fall Fest dance.

Anne Graham will receive a Merit Award at the Meri Squares 45th Anniversary Dance for her dedication.

Alfie Marin will receive a Long Service Award at the Harbour Lites Food Bank Dance.

Caller Update

Caller Update

Bob Brown of the Canton Skirts 'n Flirts square dance club had some unexpected heart repairs during September. Although he's having to take it easy, he's managed to find his way back to the mic again. His timing wasn't the best 'though; he went in for his "surprise" surgery just days before the scheduled surgery of his wife Linda.

Keith Watters of the Sunshine Squares is sitting out in pain, waiting for his second hip surgery in late October. With this surgery, Keith will officially be out of body parts to replace; he's already replaced one hip and 2 knees -- and doesn't look a day over 50. Unfortunately, there was a complication during his surgery - his pelvis was broken -- so Keith is out for a bit longer.  Keith hopes to return Feb 5.

Graham Ingram (Mississippi Squares and Kanata Squares) is also away from the mic until after Christmas, chasing some elusive medical issues. He might not be busy calling, but his itinerary is crazy: "He is currently awaiting notification from the medical establishment of dates and times for tests and consultations numbering between two and 12 or more in number, depending on the results of each one." Whew! Sadly Graham feels he will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2013/2014 season.

Various other callers have been helping fill the void in their absence.

OACA Honours Bob Cathcart

OACA says THANK YOU to Bob Cathcart

On Sunday, Apr 7, 2013, the Ottawa Area Callers Association (OACA) honoured Bob Cathcart with a dinner and a plaque.

See the pictures and tribute