Welcome to our world of dance:
Square, Round & Line!

Looking for a fun, social activity? Then you have come to the right place! Click on the links to the left to find the information you need: FAQ, list of clubs, and general information. And then come join us on the dance floor!

Got a partner? Great! No partner? No problem! No experience? That’s ok too. Just bring your enthusiasm and the willingness to laugh out loud! We’ll take care of the rest!

We dance for fun, not perfection!

It is fun and easy to learn, inexpensive and a great way to make new friends, exercise without realizing, and have a great time!

Modern square, round and line dancing have been active across Eastern Ontario since the 1960s. You can find clubs across Canada. Once you learn the moves, you can dance wherever you go.

EOSARDA is our regional organization, supporting some 27 clubs and over 800 dancers in Eastern Ontario. Our goal is to promote dancing as a healthy, friendly, social activity.

Live Lively…Learn to Dance!


Doug: I started because I wanted to try dancing and square dancing was something I thought I could learn. During the first evening I was ‘hooked’. It’s great to learn a skill and build on it; it’s great to know that you’re doing something that many folks think they can’t do, and it’s fun to go out with my wife and experience the friendships and wonderful social experience that modern square dancing is. I welcome the challenge of learning the moves and trying to dance the very best I can.

Ralph: “A happy wife is a happy life!” I have enjoyed it from the first night my wife dragged me out. I enjoy learning the moves. Each step is repeated and practiced many times, so it is not difficult, and everyone else is in the same predicament, so it’s a relaxing, fun evening.

Lynn: I enjoy the friends I have made. Also learning new steps keeps my brain in good shape. The callers make sure we have fun!

Heather: Dancing on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, with square dancers from various regions and even some different countries was great! …An unforgettable experience!!

Renton: I like music, and so I like to "move to music". We, my wife and I, saw a demonstration of square dancing at a church function and thought we'd try it. Have never looked back and it's now been over 35(?) years. Square dancing involves us as a couple, but Round Dancing was also an attraction especially because I was more intimately involved with my wife. With both dancing types there is no better way to get exercise, meet people, and to do something with my wife.